History of Interior-Design

Over 20 years ago, our business started out humbly. We began as a small business that provided professional moving services for companies all over Australia. Since then, we’ve grown into a full sized business that provides enterprise business fit out services, project management, professional moving, interior design, and so much more.

Our client list has collected some impressive names over the years, including Sun MicroSystems, Microsoft, Apple, SanDisk, Starbucks, and others. Businesses all across the Sydney metropolitan area have hired our professional services to improve their interior design, establish a particular brand style, move into new offices locations, and manage long-term construction projects to mitigate expenses. Our client list continues to grow even now, adding new corporations and small businesses to our repertoire of clientele each day.

We are always looking forward, but we always draw inspiration from the past. After all, no designers can ever move forward without giving careful consideration to their predecessors. We are inspired by classic style, timeless and immortal. It inspires everything we do.

Our mission

We believe that all businesses should operate with a high level of integrity. We are always looking for opportunities to impress our customers and save them bundles of cash in the long-term.

This could be anything from shaving down cost of a job by using alternate materials that are functionally identical, to cutting down our prices to supplier direct rates to save our customers money. Our company is always there for our clients, and we make sure to reach out to them and encourage them to contact us if they have any questions about an ongoing job or future projects.

It is our goal to create a long-lasting relationship with our customers, because this is the best way to keep good customers. Not only do we want to keep pre-existing customers in our portfolio, we also want them to reach out to their friends and colleagues and their various industries to let them know how important our business is to their continued operations. We believe the treating customers with integrity and respect is the fastest way to creating an ideal business relationship. If you believe in these principles, you will love working with us on all of your future projects.


If you choose our business for any of your projects, we would be honored to work with you. We hope that you consider making us your exclusive provider of interior design, project management, and other enterprise services.

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