Our Services

Commerical Office Fitouts

We’re Sydney’s number one supplier of professional office fit out services for enterprises. If you’re moving into a new office location you need full furnishings, we can provide the service quickly and efficiently. Your business will be back online in no time in your new location, without any hitches in the entire process.
Depending on what you need for your situation, we can do anything from partial office renovations to full scale office fit out jobs to renovate your entire office from the ground up. Contact us for more detailed information on our pricing in rates.

Office Refurbishments

Perhaps you’re already happy with your office location, and you’d simply like your office to be refurbished or retrofitted to include the latest technologies and furnishings. We understand, and were here to help you. We can update your office and retrofit it to last through the modern age. Our timeless style and sense of design will ensure that your business location stands the test of time. We can handle your unique situation with professionalism and speed, completing the job in lightning quick time. This is ideal for a business that wants to quickly renovate the inside of one of their pre-existing locations.
We will update your business location to include the latest furnishings, make it much easier for you and your employees to focus on what really matters.

Shop Fitouts

Businesses looking to open up new stores in the Sydney area should take advantage of our shop fit out services. If you’re moving into a brand-new retail location, and you want your shop to be outfitted completely, we can furnish your shop and decorate it to create an attractive storefront that will draw in new customers and help you retain your current supporters.
Our stylish designs look good in any shop and situation. If you walk the streets of Sydney, you’ve already probably seen many of our designs in the various downtown storefronts. We can get your shop up and running in no time, and it will look sharper than it did before. The service is ideal for those looking to open up their business in a brand-new retail location, or for franchise managers and regional managers who want to renovate their specific location.

Project Management

You have contractors and construction professionals who are already to go but lack the administration to finish your projects? We can plan all of your commercial construction projects and administrate your construction teams in order to get the most out of your hired hands. We run teams efficiently with our 20 years of experience, and we know what it takes to complete a successful interior construction operation.
We manage everything from big moves to interior redesign. Tap into our endless reserve of expertise, and benefit from our knowledge and experience.

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